VLTI schools of interferometry have been organized roughly every two years since the opening of the ESO Very Large Telescope Interferometer in 2002. They have helped to train hundreds of astrophysicists in using interferometry and the instruments at VLTI and other facilities for their research.

The aim of these VLTI schools is to offer Ph.D. students, post-doctoral and permanent researchers an introduction to the technique of long-baseline optical/infrared interferometry, an overview of the current generation of instruments, and lectures and practice sessions in observation preparation, data reduction, modeling, and image reconstruction. Seminars and reviews on astrophysical results in various fields ranging from stellar physics to planetology and extra-galactic science are also given. While remaining as comprehensive as possible, each school also focused on a specific topic such as a new instrument or a field of astrophysics. 

The 12th VLTI school will focus on the interferometric modeling of gaseous and dusty disks around young stars and astrometry/spectroscopy of exoplanets. The school will be divided in two parts:

  • a first week (September 16-19) of online lectures covering the basics of interferometry, the VLTI and its 2nd generation instruments (GRAVITY and MATISSE), CHARA and its instruments, ALMA, and the principles of image reconstruction and model fitting.
  • A second week (September 22-28) in Porquerolles, which will consist of hands-on sessions covering the preparation of observing proposals and observations, data reduction and vizualization, image reconstruction, and data analysis. In parallel, several review talks will be given on the various science cases addressed by optical interferometry.


Attendance to the first week of online lecture is mandatory to participate to the onsite practice sessions


Pre-registration is closed




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